Message from Our Principal

It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of this technological revolution which NDMC schools are witnessing at the moment.

It is a well known fact that a strong education system requires a strong foundation. Therefore, it is vital that the pillars of the education system, namely the teachers, students and also the infrastructure be updated with the latest technological/ educational changes and relevant steps be taken to overcome any challenges.

Keeping in mind these challenges, NDMC has always strived to keep pace with technological advancements. Setting up of a dedicated NDMC YouTube Channel- Atal Adarsh Shiksha, launching of personalized school websites, setting up of Atal Tinkering Labs, Kant Labs, Smart Classes, & updating the existing library into a Digital Library are just some of the new innovations that have been introduced in our schools with the aim of improving and imparting world class education to those students who are financially weak.

We at AAV, Havlock Square always strive to inculcate a


Approach of upholding moral

Values and improving the level of

Learning by


Child centric

Knowledge activities.

Keeping in mind our mission, which is to develop self dependent, responsible students- both academically & socially, we believe, that it is vital that children must be taught how to think & not what to think. This can only be possible with the consistent efforts of the teachers - the facilitators, who are like the guiding light in this vast ocean of knowledge.

I am indeed indebted to my teachers and my staff for maintaining a consistency in the overall development of the students and encouraging them

to become responsible citizens.

"Be the change you want to see in the world"